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4 August 7-8pm

The Art & Science of Joyful Prosperous Living

Spiritual Ashraf Moorad

In this first of three webinars, Ashraf Moorad covers empowering material from his “Blissful Living Basics” Workshop.  Ashraf will share Universal Principles relating to Creative Energy and its relevance in our experience of living . You will be introduced to the fundamental knowledge supporting Wellbeing, Wellness & Abundance and having an enjoyable life experience of ease, love,  joy, inspiration, satisfaction, fulfilment and prosperity.  Particular attention is given to the ‘Law of Love’ and the experience of Genuine Security.

11 August 7-8pm

Let Go & Lets GO, The Art of Living Free

Mental Hitesh Surujbally

Let go and LET’S GO, is a practical manual on letting go of past fear, worry, pain, past hurt, memories, people, fears, blame, doubt, habits or even tangible objects. It empowers the reader to take control of their life and their destiny. We spend most of our lives being trapped by our own stress and worries, without living a life we can claim as truly ours and a life that is really free. Anything that you let RUN in your mind will eventually RUiN your life. As you read the book, you will be given tools which you can apply in your life, to bring about positive change. Let go and LET’S go, is a journey that you take from having baggage in your life, to a life where you travel light. Are you ready to LET GO of everything in your life that is stopping you from living the life you always wanted? Then, LET’S GO!

18 August 7-8pm

Ease – Embodied Authentic Self Presentation and Expression

Social Hannelie Pienaar

Making an Authentic, Lasting Entrance and Impression – How we express ourselves, show up and walk through life determine how life and people will respond to us, what opportunities we attract to ourselves and how we will be perceived. What could be possible if you walk though life with confidence, present, clear, receptive, at ease, joyful, abundant, available and involved? What could be possible if you consciously start to use your energy every single moment? What could be possible if you walk through life as your total, undivided self?

25 August 7-8pm

The Unconscious Dynamics of Problems

Mental Debbie Howes

The logic of the unconscious mind is that of a child . The nature of the unconscious dynamics relative to this logic is illustrated to identify and reprocess the origins of most problems