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Part I: Dance With Your Shadow - Slay Your Dragons. Embracing the darkness, bringing it to light: Debra Stevens

Part I: Dance With Your Shadow - Slay Your Dragons. Embracing the darkness, bringing it to light.
1. Shadow-Dancing: Accepting and Embracing the Self
2. Dragons: Transforming Negative Belief Systems born of Fear
3. The four Archetypes of Survival: Parenting the Inner Child

Part II: Awaken, elevate your consciousness, connect with your divine blueprint: Debra Stevens

4. The Cosmic Voice: Realisation and Awakening; Dialogue with our Higher Self
5. Spiritual Surrender: Releasing Attachment and Expectation
6. Activating the light body: A Return to Unity Consciousness while Mastering Physicality

The Power of Presence in Relationships: John Homewood

Through relationships we grow more than through any other means. Through relationships sometimes we create resistance, which in turn leads to anger and resentment, which if not expressed will lead to depression. However, correctly viewed, they can lead to self- knowledge, peace and enlightenment. With a few simple tools, like an alchemist, we can transform lead into gold.

Healing Cancer from the Inside Out: John Homewood

If we were living in 1900 the chance that you or I would get cancer would have been 1 in 8000. With cancer now affecting almost 1 in 2.6 persons, are we winning the war on cancer, and if not why not? It’s time to uncover the true 5 parameters to healing cancer naturally, and experiencing health and wellness for life.

Wake Up! Living your life Lucidly, and overcome Stress: John Homewood

The events that transform us are not usually the events we would choose…With so many people experiencing difficulties of one sort or another in their lives right now, be it dysfunctional relationships, health or financial challenges, isn't time to wake-up and Shift? Until we wake up into full consciousness our collective subconscious minds will carry on running our lives and the world creating more pain and suffering.

Living consciously: Jimmy Henderson

Living consciously implies being continually conscious of oneself and one’s actions as well as of one’s relationship to the divine or universal source. Living consciously allows one to move ‘outside of the box’ of normal day-to-day thinking and expand one’s paradigm of thinking to include other areas of knowledge such as science, psychology, philosophy and metaphysics in order to find answers to important questions regarding life and spirituality. In this presentation Jimmy takes the viewer through a process of self-development which can bring about ‘shifts’ in consciousness, thinking and perception, the outcome of which should be a raised consciousness, mindfulness and understanding with which one can achieve mastery of life.

In order to facilitate these shifts, Jimmy explains and demonstrates a ‘toolbox’ of techniques which involve initially clearing out the mind and opening it up to new ideas, a second stage of building a relationship with one’s subconscious mind, and a final stage of linking up with one’s higher or authentic self and bringing about a ‘God-experience’ using skills such as meditation and visualization. This final stage of self-realisation and fully conscious living allows one to take a quantum leap into a life filled with new meaning and power.

How to Interpret your dreams: Jimmy Henderson

In this presentation Jimmy Henderson discusses important information on the origin, structure and purpose of dreams, the different types of dreams, how to interpret dreams and how to work with one’s dreams as a method of self-empowerment. This presentation is based on current research as well as Jimmy’s many years of personal dream-work experience. The presentation will also provide a number of hypothetical case studies so that the viewer can understand the techniques of interpretation in the proper contexts.

The power of the subconscious mind: Jimmy Henderson

In this presentation Jimmy discusses the role of the subconscious mind in our perception of reality and how it can be co-opted as an ally to further one’s self-development and spiritual unfoldment.

The unconscious dynamics of problems: Debbie Howes

The logic of the unconscious mind is that of a child . The nature of the unconscious dynamics relative to this logic is illustrated to identify and reprocess the origins of most problems

States of being: Debbie Howes

'We cannot solve a problem from the same state of being that it was created ' Einstein. An illustration of the predominant state of being that most people are fixated as when solving problems is identified. Access to different , more competent states of being will allow for the resolving of problems and having impact in a more efficient and constructive manner. This breaks the addictive cycle where conscious information does not bridge to the unconscious mind. Trauma never again ? The symbolic and underlying origins of trauma are investigated relative to the unconscious dynamics of an individual . By desensitising and reprocessing these dynamics the preventative possibilities are addressed relative to future empowerment and competence.

Reveal all your glory – EASE – Embodied Authentic Self-Presentation and Expression: Hannelie Pienaar

Making an Authentic, Lasting Entrance and Impression – How we express ourselves, show up and walk through life determine how life and people will respond to us, what opportunities we attract to ourselves and how we will be perceived. What could be possible if you walk though life with confidence, present, clear, receptive, at ease, joyful, abundant, available and involved? What could be possible if you consciously start to use your energy every single moment? What could be possible if you walk through life as your total, undivided self?

An inexhaustible Source – Talent and Potential Realization – Leadership Development: Hannelie Pienaar

An inexhaustible Source –- Ensuring that a nurturing and embryonic environment is created to ensure that the right people with the right talents and skills are given the opportunities to be in the right place at the right time, and that these people channel their true, authentic, best selves to be engaged and focused on the right activities and interactions to uncover and flaunt their talent and to realize their own potential whilst they are actively contributing to the realization of the goals and vision of the organization and a better life for all.

Live a Fabulous Life – Women Empowerment: Hannelie Pienaar

Live a Fabulous Life – Liberate yourself from the domestication of your dreams. Everyone longs for wellbeing and prosperity. Everyone has a personal calling and we are all equipped with great talents, wonderful ideas and amazing dreams to answer to that call. We were born to shine; yet most of us have no understanding what that means. We have slowly been conditioned to belief otherwise; that we have no wings to fly. Our dreams have been domesticated, so we have forgotten how to fly or to hunt for what is ours. And inside, our hearts are dying a slow death. That passion that burns deep inside is locked up. Yet, we hold the key in our own hearts and hands. We have forgotten how to own our space – our birthright to be here, to show up and to stand out.

The Art & Science of Joyful Prosperous Living: Ashraf Moorad

In this first of three webinars, Ashraf Moorad covers empowering material from his “Blissful Living Basics” Workshop.  Ashraf will share Universal Principles relating to Creative Energy and its relevance in our experience of living . You will be introduced to the fundamental knowledge supporting Wellbeing, Wellness & Abundance and having an enjoyable life experience of ease, love,  joy, inspiration, satisfaction, fulfilment and prosperity.  Particular attention is given to the ‘Law of Love’ and the experience of Genuine Security.

Dealing with Challenges Creatively: Ashraf Moorad

In this second of three webinars, Ashraf Moorad covers empowering material from his “Practical ReSOURCEfulness” Workshop.  You will be previed the steps involved in transforming undesirable and unpreferred experiences in to desirable and preferred experiences. Various techniques of letting go and of flowing creative energy with be shared. Particular attention is given to the ‘Law of Allowing’ and the experience of Genuine Surrender.

Consciously Creating the Preferred Experiences You Desire: Ashraf Moorad

In this third of three webinars, Ashraf Moorad covers empowering material from his “Manifesting Your Heart’s Desires” Workshop.  This webinar emphasises the various endowments Humans have as creative beings.  It shows us how to apply them to focus Creative energy so as to co-create and live our heart’s desires.  Particular attention is given to the ‘Law of Attraction’ and the experiencing of Genuine Satisfaction.

Fun and Fearless Goal Success: Caryl Westmore

IN 5 EASY STEPS - Achieve your heart's desires, dreams and goals with a proven formula that applies advanced energy psychology to clear your goal-stoppers and celebrate success of your "big hairy audacious Golden Goals".
Based on my successful Kindle book Goal Success EFT Tapping.

Law of Attraction Secrets to attracting your dream partner or soul mate - online: Caryl Westmore

Based on my own internet dating experiences PLUS my Kindle book "ONLINE DATING SUCCESS SECRETS for Women 40/50 plus" - my method applies to women any age.

Kiss yo yo dieting goodbye - get slim, stay slim: Caryl Westmore

Interview with top UK London expert of hypno gastro band therapy and how she achieves her amazing success rate with clients worldwide.